Joh's Picture Book Project

A Child of the Library

Made in Hokkaido: The third e-book project lead by the 2010 Naoki-Award-winning novelist Joh Sasaki A miraculous winter evening at the library
A boy locked in a library on a snowstormy evening experiences the wondrous world of books.

Lead by Joh Sasaki, a Hokkaido-born novelist who has won some of the most prestigious award for novelists in Japan, those involved in the project came together on the “Joh’s Picture Book Project” to publish illustrated e-books. They are all from Hokkaido.

The current book, A Child of the Library, is the 3rd publication of the project, following The Circus Fire and Haruga-kuru. The highly praised The Circus Fire was the top download at the App Store (Japan) for several weeks. It has been released in Japanese, English, Korean, traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese.

The picture e-book A Child of the Library comes from the collaboration of Joh Sasaki (text), Midori Kambara (illustrations) and Toshiro Takemoto (music). Midori Kambara is a Sapporo-based graphic artist and book cover designer. Toshiro Takemoto is an internationally renowned cellist who actively performs and instructs with Sapporo as his base.

All the other project staff members are from Hokkaido. It’s truly a “made in Hokkaido” publication.

For iPad Download on the AppStore Now on sale!Japanese and English versions

[How to open the page]

  1. ・To read the story: Flick the title screen from right to left.
  2. ・Forward: Swipe the screen from right to left.
  3. ・Back: Swipe the screen from left to right.
  4. ・The next chapter (or scene): Double-tap the right edge of the screen.
  5. ・Previous chapter (or scene): Double-tap the left edge of the screen.
  6. ・To skip to the title screen: Double-tap the screen.

[The print version of A Child of the Library will be released.]

To commemorate the picture e-book version, the print version of A Child of the Library, with beautiful artwork, will be published as a limited edition.
The print version includes an original CD soundtrack of the full version of the cello performance by Toshiro Takemoto, which is used as the music in the illustrated e-book. Experience the various attractions of the hard copy, with the full CD.